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Enhancing community and law enforcement collaboration

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The Community by MovementForward app aims to connect community members with the law enforcement agencies that serve them. Providing ways to interact, discover local resources, and engage with law enforcement, Community serves as a way to bridge gaps, bring understanding, and reinforce a cooperative atmosphere.

Ways to Interact

Community provides multiple ways to interact with law enforcement and the greater service community, with new features being developed and added as community requests come in. Check back regularly to see Community’s new features.

Law Enforcement Identification

Based on address or location, Community is able to locate local law enforcement agencies and their leaders, providing agency and officer information, allowing community members to get to know who serves them.

Agency Services

For the selected law enforcement agency, Community provides a list of available online agency services, such as requests for more patrols, community appearances, or ride-alongs.

Resource Map

Community is not just about law enforcement. It also provides opportunities to discover local neighborhood resources providing public services to the community.


With Community, easily find non-emergency contact information for local law enforcement agencies.

Video Content

Capturing the expertise and knowledge base of law enforcement agencies, Community showcases educational and informative videos for learning and awareness.

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See first hand the features Community provides with a walk-through video showcasing what Community currently has to offer. Then download and try out the app.

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Community by Movement Forward works by having law enforcement agencies partner with MovementForward to populate agency and community content, maintain resources, and facilitate engagement. The app is now being piloted in Indianapolis, IN, with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

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Other interested law enforcement agencies are welcome to request joining the pilot program by filling out the form below.